What is flowtable?

Flowtable is an enterprise web application that allow customers to integrate their data and processes.

Extract data

Access to SQL databases, non SQL collections or files.

Transform data

Create ETL processes using our visual editor, and build scripts in order to create complex and powerful transformations.

Analyze data

Perform full-text searches over your data, and use analytic spreadsheets to show calculated information.

Business processes

Model and execute your business processes (BPM), and integrate ETL on them.


Plan events and trigger notifications using Atkloud's calendar

Data hub

Access all your data sources (files, databases...) and operate in just one place.

BI Integration

Integrate business intelligence products such as Power BI, QlikSense or Looker in just minutes

Enterprise security

All system objects are managed by an access control system: users, roles and specific permissions.


Create customized application desktops

Create customized application desktops to provide intuitive navigations in your applications

Integrate External Sources
Integrate external data sources

Connect external databases, logs, and storage drives and integrate them in atkloud applications

Data modeler
Create or modify SQL data tables.

Work with the more popular database management systems: MySQL, Oracle, Postgres or SQL Server.

ETL designer
Extract, transform and load data.

Read data from tables or files, add or modify fields, join or filter datasources and store data in the desired destination storage.

Business processes
Built-in BPM.

BPMN 2.0 standard fully compliant. Integrate scripting execution with tasks. Connect processes with documents and files. Manage permissions for users and roles.

Write code for complex tasks.

We provide a built-in Groovy language extension that allows to create rich programs for processing data.

File explorer
Access to all your files in just one place.

Create connections to Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP sites, Google Drive or Microsoft Azure. Full-text search over all your files. Syncronize folders and connections contents.

Data explorer
Query and modify data.

Insert, update, delete, import and export rows in SQL tables or documents in Mongo non SQL collections.

Read and update existing spreadsheets.

Read and write existing spreadsheets online. Collaboration and macros are supported to customize business logic and custom workflows

Data Spreadsheets
Link SQL database tables and NonSQL collections to Spreadsheets

Upload an existing excel template and map SQL or NonSQL databases to it. Read and write to databases using Spreadsheets.

Enterprise security.

Every object in the application is managed by permissions. Define access control lists for roles and users.

Analytic spreadsheets
Use excel sheets to analyze data.

Perform calculations on any data source, showing them on an Excel Sheet. Search and filter using full text search capabilities. Add complex charts.

Case studies

Urbieta Oil
Consolidating disperse information

Urbieta Oil is South Florida's premier wholesale and retail distributor of petroleum and alternative fuel products. Urbieta produces, analyzes, and stores data from several different sources for 100+ points of sale per day. The data is then extracted, transformed, and consolidated for posterior analytic reports.


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